A premature newborn is not gaining gravity


Premature babies are born weak and lower-weightiness, weight gain for them is a best key indicator of heartiness and development. Typically, low-mass and premature babies tend to more rapid weight gain than full-term. For example, a full-term child increases its weight in 1/2 by 4-5 months premature with a birth weightiness of 2-2.5 kg - for 3-3.5 weeks, weighing 1-1.5 kg - to 2.5 - 3 months, with a mass of 0.100-1 kg - to 2 months.

Of course, in a neuro-psychological evolution premature babies behind the term, because in a 1-st 6 weeks is particularly important that the baby to gain weight and cultivate physically. Later 1/2 a year come 1st environment in which growing and expanding baby, paying for its growth, nutrition and education of proper note to the 1.5 years of a premature child may right catch up with a full-term, and to 6 years at a school absolutely nothing varied from the other infants.

Particularly momentous role in the construction of premature babies is fresh natural milk of the mother. Scientists keep proved that the milk of mothers of premature infant has a unique composition and differs with a milk of women whose infants were born at term. A general differences of the milk:

1. Higher capacity of protein and amino acids. Protein - it is the general building substance, because in premature jelly him more that the kid could rapidly develop.

2. The big content of oligosaccharides. These substances are prebiotics and why stimulate the evolution of beneficial intestinal microflora own, forming his mucosa and to a successful digestion.

3. "Preterm" natural milk contains less lactose than the "full term." A fact is that even a lot of full-term babies is born with lactase deficiency, ie inability or shrinking ability to metabolize natural milk sugar - lactose, the basic carbohydrate found in natural milk, let alone in preterm babies, and decreased enzyme activity.

4. "Preterm" natural milk contains more antibodies and other protective factors that allow crumbs to protect against infection.

Thus, a establishment of fresh-feeding - is a general factor allowing successfully enter infants born prematurely.

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