As to polish nose child


Many beautiful mothers because of the lack of prior experience do not know however to polish a child's nose, and it is required to know not to do mistakes and so however not to harm a lustiness of the newborn.

In main, the nose of a newborn child can be cleaned and independently during sneezing. But often you can see the crust formed in a nose that are not removed by sneezing and prevent a baby to breathe. In this case, the child will need a mother's attention.

To remove these crusts you will should a sterile cotton wool and child oil. Twist a braid done of wool and soak it with oil. Rotating flagellum in a nose of a newborn, remove a crust. In this case, each 1/2 of the nose always clean single flagellum. Instead of newborn butter cotton moisten with saline or just fresh natural milk. But in the case, you can not change such flagella cotton swabs, cotton wool wound up with a match or anything else, because all of this is too hard for a gentle nose of a newborn child and may harm him mucosa.

It is possible to also use a variety of beads with sea aqua should 1st attentively drip the nose to peel it all soaked. Of the a sluice with careful preparations are good to suck a little pear-syringe or aspirator. When used well, it is perfectly safe.

But it is necessary to know not only how to clean child's nose, but when to do it. Any day a baby begins with a satisfying bathroom. It was this satisfying hygiene and involves a same proceedings. Make cleaning nozzle baby immediately before feeding so that it can safely breastfeed while breathing freely spout.

But we must remember that, despite the fact that a nasal hygiene is very great part of the care of a child, do not too zealous. Why, if the nose is visually clean and respiration have not any extraneous sounds that indicate congestion, we correct not clean it just for prevention.

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