Preparing for a new child dill aqua


Most babies suffer bloating or "colic", which are caused by bloating, because a digestive system is adapted to eat baby food from outside. It has long been known that a most effective and safe remedy for relief of baby dill aqua is. This aqua can be purchased at pharmacies in finished shape. It may also be called fennel aqua (or Plantex) however fennel - is pharmacy dill. Dill water can be prepared for the child and yourself.

Cooking dill water for a child - the process is not hard and not expensive. To do this, take the fennel seeds (1 teaspoon), which can also be purchased in retail networks, and 100 milliliters of water. Dill is poured into a container of stewing h2o, of the which it is removed from a warmth. Following dill configure themselves for 0.5 an hour, a resulting decision must drain, so pour stewing water into it to a capacity of 100 milliliters. This dill vodichku want give before feeding.

As for a h2o with a fruit of dill dill or fennel pharmacy, her cooking is not complicated than the previous, but a effect is much more pronounced.

To prepare the fennel water we must shredded fennel watermelon (about 2-3 g) that want pour a glass of stewing water. Later 0.5 an hour a resulting infusion to drain. So we take the formula and expressed warm natural milk and 1 spoon of fennel is assorted into a some h2o.

And for a lazy parents may advise the drug "Calm Baby", which contains in its composition dill water and can be used from the more first hours of your, and with two week of age can use "Plantex", containing a fennel.

Which dill aqua apply - it's up to you. But, in any case, it must be remembered that fennel may cause allergic reactions, as to beginning with small doses, how that instead of no relief to earn more and complication in a configuration of various lesions on the delicate face of your crumbs.

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