Massotherapy for babies


Massotherapy should be done only in the ordering with the 1-st point to a ninth, swap space is undesirable, however you crash the ordering of inclusion of every system to the work of immunity. Why, to accomplish maximum capacity, follow a procedure. The first week of massotherapy points on the own, and then you can append to this kid, initially put on a baby's point hands and massotherapy the area together, so It is possible to only show the space, and a kid will repeat the movement for you (at this time you are showing crumbs exercises himself).

If a massage space gives the newborn discomfort, a lower a force of impact. Sore points means that the bodies to which they correspond, there is a issue, because It is possible to not stop a massotherapy, on the contrary, you help to restore a protective properties of the body. These problem areas can and should be massaged often, until your sensitivity drops to rule. For example, pain 1st point indicate a question with blood circulation, inflammation of the trachea and bronchi, pain 2nd point indicates lower immunity. Well if you are to massotherapy 2-3 minutes per day, for example, early, evening, and if It is possible to, then in a afternoon. Time it does not take much (alone Fifteen minutes), but you have a more good effect of regular exercise. If a family has the flu, or the newborn in contact with a sick person, then increase the number of procedures per time (massages every 2-3 hours), it will comprise extra immunity and not have sick.

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