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Planted crumbs complete a basin or sink should start at birth, that is, in the neonatal time. Of the 1.5-2 weeks will be too late to get to do how, however a baby's reflex formed to write and defecate in diapers, and our task is to shape a reverse reflex. For this mother closely watching your child to understand what behavioral signs indicate that pipsqueak wanted a lavatory. Some kids groaning, others wince third eye wide open, and a fourth hnychut etc. So soon however the mother noticed a sign she is holding a newborn over a bathtub or a sink in a convenient position, and then immediately washes it under running h2o. To do this, put the newborn back to him under the knees and armpits (crumb is upright in a fetal position), pat him on a ass (it relaxes the sphincter of urinary and excretory systems), turn on a aqua and say "nuc-nuc," "and-and- a "and wait until the baby is discharged. In addition his mom always drops crumbs before and after eating, before and following sleep. Besides newborn boys urinate some every 10-15 minutes, and a girls 15-20 minutes. These observations will help you drop off the child at a right time. For about time, the child is formed reflex, and his behavior, he will show himself mom when he wants to use a washroom. Thus, a baby speedily learns to control your wants, ideally this happens to 3 months. Besides permanent residence mother with a baby is useful for the growth of a newborn, but that was not wrapped in swaddling clothes and diapers, and are bare-ass, is a organic tempering procedure.

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