Feeding preterm children


Since premature babies shrinking gastric acidity, less perilstatika intestinal dysbiosis, in this period, they want be fed exclusively or natural milk, or exceptional adapted formulas for premature babies, you normally enjoy in their names Pre. Studies of warm milk mothers of premature babies get shown that, depending on the degree of nedoshennosti their milk composition changes. This increased natural milk protein content, however indispensable for the strong growth of infants, however a progress material, increased capacity of essential amino acids, a higher fat content, the splitting does not need additional energy costs. Moreover, mum's milk contains prebiotic substances that promote the evolution of beneficial intestinal microflora, antibodies to varied infections, which are particularly vulnerable to premature babies, enzymes, improves the absorption of milk. Energy value of "premature" natural milk is higher than a "full-term." Because a girl 18 years old want make every effort to preserve natural milk and eventually establish full breastfeeding.

Although if they wanted to nourish a many women who took premature birth, there hypogalactition, then there is a lack or absence of natural milk. Why, from the 1-st times of mom must express natural milk and try to give the child to suckle. Because of its weak babies breastfeed often gravely. If you see that a baby is tired, he stood out blueness around the mouth, then stop feeding and supplementary feeding expressed fresh natural milk from a bottle. Usually at 2 - 4 weeks of infants are growing stronger and are along able to run to a clean breast-feeding. In order not to lose the natural milk, be sure to express every 3 hours, including at night, and later each feeding.

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