As to disaccustom a child with pacifiers


When babies cry for help comes comforter and savior - Dummy. Of course, if the mum has established lactation, a child does not require a soothers, but if the newborn is bottle-fed, it can not be avoided. For children under 6 months of sucking reflex is extremely great, and if you do not meet it, then the baby may begin to suck her finger, and it will lead to the formation of abnormal jaw apparatus and teeth.

Of the 6 months of suckling gradually fades, however psychologists and pediatricians recommend gradually wean the baby with a soother at 7-11 weeks. Following a year of a baby is beginning to experience a nipple other emotions, it becomes a friend to him, and the more you delay the time of weaning, the more painful it will be. Infants following 2 years are start to talk to a pacifiers, playing with her. But in this age dummy is becoming dangerous, the child may go bad bite, many children do not speak and do not pronounce a letter because of a constant nipple in his mouth.

To disaccustom a child with pacifiers, pay more attention to a baby, play with him. Let the child receives new positive emotions in communicating with peers, in these moments he would forget some the pacifier. Do not settle your child a pacifier, let it only if he asks. Tell your baby that he had grown up, and a big kids do not suck a nipple. Make up a story about a small bear cub who may not sleep, because the wolf stole his soother, child bear and spare agree to give him his.

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