Shoes for infants 1 year


A foot of a attractive newborn is much variant with a adult foot. The foot is still little, plump, with a round and promenade are underdeveloped joints, muscles and tendons. So, to the foot right formed, it is indispensable to opt a right shoes for babies 1 year old.

It used to be that so soon however a child begins to walk, you claim to immediately put on his shoes slippers or shoes to foot thoroughly formed, and it was not room feet.

Presently doctors say that this has not been confirmed, and there is no evidence that a rooms baby develops with walking barefoot, but what podiatrists are sure this is so that the incorrect match shoes at a stage of child's foot can lead to apartment feet to other disorders. Shoes have to be the sizing of infants's feet, not to be close or too wide.

To choose the right shoes for infants 1 year old, 1-st remove measurements with child feet, this circle the leg and cut a cardboard template of a foot, with him and go to a store. Given that the foot during walking is extended, and a fact that the baby foot is still growing, best shoe size is calculated based on a length of the foot, plus 1.5 centimeter Current manufacturers create shoes with dimensions to shtihmassovoy system. A formula for calculating a amount so follows: (1 Stich = 0.66 centimeters), size = (length 1.5 feet) * 0.66. Measure should-both feet, occasionally it happens that the move-length is 6 mm.

If you can not put a toddler to a store, be sure to negotiate with a seller around the possibility to replace a item.

Put on a beloved shoes or sandals on the kid, that he's same to run in them. Shoes should be easily removable and dress, do not push a baby, he want walk in it freely, without shuffling and limping. 'tween the heel and the back cover should fit a finger - these are a 1.5 cm for development. Fitting is good done at night when leg preserver. Depending on a producer sizes may vary, however be sure to tailor your template and shoe insole.

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