A baby does not crawl at 9 weeks


Many moms, especially if a baby is a 1-st experience of "non-standard" development of a newborn. For motherhood, you are very responsible, read professional literature, consult with the doctor. And how fine when my son or daughter "is on schedule" and developed however it is written in a children's encyclopedia. And if that's improperly? "How as?" - They cry - "My baby is 9 months does not crawl at all, and in a book require that while babies simply get to crawl!" None of our children do not have to, every baby develops according to their genetics, and encyclopedias, all knowledge is aggregated, however they say, "averaged". If your newborn does not fall in a average number of children, do not worry, the baby is as special, perhaps even unique, and absolutely healthy.

At the present time a small more approximately what a newborn does not crawl in my 9 weeks. Ask the pediatrician, and he will tell you that about kids never crawl, you just missed this "step of" without prejudice to the well-being. And immediately went to the next level, that is, took a legs, so went. You will be surprised to learn that some of the friends, however kids, just do not crawl, and immediately began to walk, many of these children. And, however It is possible to see, the babies grew up, became adults, it is now does not differ from those when a crawl.

However, all doctors like a "standard" of babies, it is easier to predict the behavior and construction, such kids presented less "surprises", which means they are easier to work with. Why, beautiful mothers may even scare that "very bad" when the baby does not crawl 9 weeks. Of course, there are diseases that make children behind in evolution, polio, for example, or cerebral palsy. But if your child is healthy, nothing to worry approximately. Is it that about of a babies so good so adults love to be lazy, however do not want to crawl. In this case, to build muscle, do more often sloth massotherapy, make the gyms and provoke a proactive (similar toy - crawl here, you need to eat - a bottle nearby, crawled to her). Keep in mind that not all will soon, you will be patient, however comfortably as love and maintenance. And from a crumbs - persistence and work, which, however you know, a little effort, and the fears will go away in time.

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