Newborn Child - Bathing


Bathe your newborn may following umbilical wound is fully healed. A first six weeks of life usually bathe daily. So you can in every day. The room where the newborn need be bathed with warm (20-22gradusa). Bathe a newborn require a child bath, in which no one else to clean and do not apply it for wash things. First washed with hot tub with some aqua and soap. Pour water at 36-37 g. If a baby is what or rash on the aging body, add to a some aqua solution of potassium permanganate (pre-dissolved in a separate container), Vodicka in the bath should be painted in pink color, or a decision of chamomile, alternate. The water in a bath must cover a whole aging body of the child. In addition, you will must a jug of warm water for perfusion. Prepare in progress a wiper to wipe, vest, cap, oil or serum to lubricate a folds.

Once everything is ready, a adult who will bathe, wash out their hand and then takes a naked child (a first time it is potential to pelenochke not to worry) and puts it into vodichku while holding his left mitt under a head and under the back of a newborn.

With soap to Thoroughly wash newborn often is not necessary. Enough times a week and alone use baby soap.

1st newborn my fresh, stomach, arms and legs, so his head. To Vodicka is not directed at a person's head may be swung back a little. So shift a baby on his tummy and Carefully wash his back, buttocks and groin. Bath the baby up to 6 months. Enough hand. After 6 months. Children may vihotkoy. Then the newborn pulled with a h2o and pour some aqua with a pitcher of warm (which is prepared in progress.) Quickly wrapped a child diaper and could be wrapped in a blanket. My face separately, not in the bath. Later the child obsoh, it is put on a changing desk and smeared folds. Then a newborn dressed. Do not forget to wipe a ears, however that you had no waters.

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