Massage, physical jerks for infants 10 weeks - A set of exercises


1. Exercises begin with crossing hands on a well-known schemes. It is possible to then immediately do the activity "box", having invested in the handle of the baby rings. Exercises you can do is not just lying down and sitting, and standing. At the present time easy to handle newborn massage.

2. Sliding steps, bike and foot massotherapy. Remember that a massage start and end stroking, perform bottom-up, ie from a foot to a thigh.

3. Turns his back on his stomach through the left and right side. Presently perform a back massage and buttocks.

4. Leg raises. Put service that the baby's feet were straight at a knees. Baby can perform this exercise by itself, it is helf for strengthening a abdominal muscles.

5. Sitting down in a prone position.

6. "We sat down, stood up." Perform squats, pipsqueak with based on your hand when a child has mastered this exercise may be embedded in its handle rings or toys with knob. This complicates a exercise, at the present time that the crumbs to hold fast to support himself however he holds on to your hand, you fix it.

7. Try to also do exercises sitting down 1.3 and standing with support for only one mitt.

109. Lean forward. Put a baby back to him and fix his legs and pelvis, ask him to bend complete and select up a toy from the wood floor. Do this exercise 2-4 minutes.

9. Creeps. Remember that crawl - it's not just a way to move a newborn, and a wonderful exercise to strengthen all muscle groups. If the crumb is clamoring for the hands to put a vertical position, drawing on his game. Make an obstacle to be overcome, to crawl along with crumbs race, by a way, this is a fine exercise for moms.

10. Walking. Going at the present time handles similar all kids, because however they may explore the world. Complicate movement, help your newborn learn a squat, stepping, turning with a standing position. Stimulate a crumbs go along enabled over one arm, not 2. The kid in this case, you will learn to balance.

11. Bridge with a position lying on the back. Soaring out of position, lying on his stomach.

12. Wheelbarrow. Is walking on his hands. Child lying on his stomach, you select up a lower his feet, and crumb gets on his hands and does them Adjustable motion at your request. You can encourage your child to go toy, lying at a distance in front of him. Exercise, do 2-3. Although it is hard, but highly useful, so well however develops all muscle groups.

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