What flush skin eyes newborn


In a family there is the newborn - a joy and excitement at the like time. Presently this small lump depends entirely on you, the maintenance and proper maintenance. The return from a hospital accompanied by the start of development of a new science - a science of baby leaving.

One of the stages of newborn's special hygiene - wash a eye. A 1st task of a mom - not infection. Why, create sure that a hands and clothes clean out.

Daily wash of eye make in the early. Every time Check a basic condition of the skin eyes. With healthy polish some skin eyes forever, when a child is flashing, you move easily. But if you notice a crust and scales on a eyelids, and a flashing is hard, then be sure to be treated skin eyes newborn.

For those who does not know however to wash newborn's skin eyes and what solution is best to use with eye diseases, we possess prepared a necessary recommendations.

If the newborn's skin eyes stick together or fester, a easiest method - to use a solution of boric acid (2%). Boric acid in boiled h2o (one teaspoon per cup). Rinse each eye a separate toddler cotton pad direction - with a outer to a inner corner.

Also suitable for washing solution of potassium permanganate (want be lightness pink, no floating crystals) or green tea brew Frc dissolved tablet in a glass of boiled h2o.

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