Shoes for infants 1 year


A backdrop of children's shoes need be high and tight. Shoes for babies 1 year old want already get instep to keep the foot meticulously formed. Later all, if a baby will cultivate room feet, you get to buy limited shoes with orthopedic insoles. Be sure to attentively consider and felt soles. It must be solid, well bend, but do not be much soft or too hard. If the sole is not bend, so the child will rub backs, the foot will slip out of them.

Great shoes even keep cushioned inserts to stem soft spring when running and jumping small fidgets. Sole substance - is, how a rule, cellular rubber, polyurethane and organic rubber, do not buy shoes with slippery of plastic material soles. Of course, at such a tender age do not wish more shoes with heels, a maximum allowed 1/2 a centimeter heel.

Toe shoe is desirable to pick out a round and wide, because kids at this age, hands are more like a fan. Toddlers are often more high lifting legs, consider this closely when choosing shoes.

In the store be sure to ask a seller to show a certificate of quality shoes, because it should be done only on the basis of heartiness standards. And do not forget that it is much effective to the baby and walk barefoot, especially on a soft grass, warm sand and polish pebbles, it is best prevention of flatfoot.

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