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Parents who get not experienced this before, can not know if this is normal, how often raised panic. And you do it for nothing. Because the thin hair on a body of a newborn - it's completely normal. In utero at approximately 90-100 times term child's body is covered with thick thin hair, which is called a embryonic thin hair. It takes around a month and a wool goes with a body and replaced with a newborn little, tender, lucky and almost invisible hairs child. So, often there are exceptions, and this thin hair is preserved. These remaining body hair called lanugo newborn. They may cover the back, ears, forehead, shoulders and temples baby. Very often such a phenomenon can be observed in premature babies. Also, it is premature babies that hair is the most hard and go longer. On average, a baby's wiped down in a first or second week after a child's birth. But if this does not happen it is not the reason to worry, because they will vytrutsya and fall in a 1-st months of life. Should take into account a fact that children are at all times, without making virtually no movement, however in ordering to get approximately help your baby get rid of aging body thin hair, put it all a time on a different position: that on the rightly, then to the left. It is also required to put him on the back. The hair rolled out evenly. But however long keep not got the new newborn, this process importantly know that you keep no reason to worry.

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