What flush skin eyes child


In the family there is a newborn - a joy and excitement at the same time. Presently this little lump depends entirely on you, your service and proper attention. The return with a hospital accompanied by the start of growth of a new science - the science of child service.

One of the stages of baby's weekly hygiene - wash a eye. The first task of a mom - not infection. Therefore, make sure that your hands and clothes clean.

Permanently washing of eye make in a early. Every time Check the general condition of the skin eyes. Читать полностью -->

Child upkeep up to a year


Well however much however potential to happen in the street. If It is possible to spend the summer in the country, away with the city-great!

Communicate so much however possible with a baby, even if you feel that there was some he understands. Talk about everything perfectly on a topic! Ask him so a lot of questions, and do not be fooled that a answer to them yet in the form. This is beneficial for language evolution newborn.

Look after a newborn under one year is a difficult and challenging. But at the same time and it is organic however your itself! If we remember that the most main of what a newborn needs at any age is the love, maintenance and attention of his parents, so everything will be all rightly!

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So to stop breast-feeding


Mum asks himself however to stop warm-feeding, with the soul of her cat scratching, making it sooner. Do not worry, the basic mission you've done, all will be comfortably with a baby, and the calmer and more confident you will do during a weaning process, the easier it will be painless and a child.

By excommunication need be prepared in progress and gradually, better in a some weeks. After a year, one day get to polish feeding, replacing them with high-quality portions of food. Transfer the newborn to four meals daily. Of the daytime feedings can leave alone one time earlier going to bed. Night feedings until the reserve, but we strive to bring them to any kind of dietary, for example, before bedtime, at 2-3 am in the reasonable just later waking up.

All this must be done gradually and painlessly for the child. Читать полностью -->

How to teach a child to walk independently


Magnetically children still hear the call of nature wise and stand on its feet and make a 1st steps when a bones, muscles and ligaments are ready for it. However rush child beginning walking faster, because all a familiar babies in the district should not keep gone. Beginning walking a age limit is individual for every newborn and it occurs some in the range of 10 to 18 months. If your baby does not crash, which retard the start of a year walking alone, you are sure to realize that it is big time that it is ready to go himself. Then the issue of as to teach a baby to walk on a own will be reduced to a creation of a secure environment and help small and competent adults.

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What flush skin eyes newborn


In a family there is a child - a joy and excitement at a same time. Currently this small lump depends entirely on you, your leaving and proper service. The return with the hospital accompanied by the beginning of progress of a new science - the science of baby care.

One of the stages of child's permanently hygiene - wash the eye. The 1-st task of a mum - not infection. So, do sure that the hands and clothes clean.

Special wash of eye create in the first. Every time Check the basic condition of a skin eyes. Читать полностью -->

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