As to polish nose child


Many beautiful mothers because of the lack of prior experience do not know however to polish a child's nose, and it is required to know not to do mistakes and so however not to harm a lustiness of the newborn.

In main, the nose of a newborn child can be cleaned and independently during sneezing. But often you can see the crust formed in a nose that are not removed by sneezing and prevent a baby to breathe. In this case, the child will need a mother's attention.

To remove these crusts you will should a sterile cotton wool and child oil. Twist a braid done of wool and soak it with oil. Rotating flagellum in a nose of a newborn, remove a crust. In this case, each 1/2 of the nose always clean single flagellum. Читать полностью -->

Newborn change eye color


Although a eye is identical to a baby and a grown man, he is still fully operational can not. Visual acuity of a child is highly little, it can be compared with a sense of light, not more. With the construction of infant visual acuity increases, and by the age of one year, up to 1/2 of a norm of an adult. As in a 1st 7 days of your of the baby is checked by reaction of the pupil to light. In the second 7 days need be on the subject of fixing a some seconds. By a second 30 days of life becomes stable fixation. Читать полностью -->

To look after a child will need these items:


Sterile bandage


Newborn Powder or oil specifically for lubrication of the face folds (come boiled grow. Boiled oil in a jar)


Babies soap,


Watter spoonful,

H2o thermometer,

Clean scallops,


Rubber bulb,

Thermometer to measure a temperature of the body,

Rubber hot aqua bottle.

These items cover the neat diaper and put on a shelf or in a designated area.

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Child service up to a year


Well however much as potential to happen in the street. If It is possible to spend a summer in the country, away from a city-great!

Communicate as much however potential with the child, even if you feel that there was some he understands. Talk some everything perfectly on a topic! Ask him however a lot of questions, and do not be fooled that a answer to them yet in any shape. This is beneficial for language development newborn.

Look after a baby under one year is a hard and challenging. But at the like time and it is organic however life itself! If we remember that a most general of what a newborn requires at any age is a love, maintenance and attention of his parents, so everything will be all rightly!

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Thin hair child


Birth of a child - it's always a lovely joy to his parents. Parents often imagine a newborn fine small pink angel, but not always it happens. And it makes them wonder and worry. Parents worry size their kids, and so we find some, in your opinion, the strangeness looking for answers to their questions. How one of the most frequently asked questions on newborn babies was the question of the hair on a aging body of a child.

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