However to master planting grudnichka?


Planted crumbs complete a basin or sink should start at birth, that is, in the neonatal time. Of the 1.5-2 weeks will be too late to get to do how, however a baby's reflex formed to write and defecate in diapers, and our task is to shape a reverse reflex. For this mother closely watching your child to understand what behavioral signs indicate that pipsqueak wanted a lavatory. Some kids groaning, others wince third eye wide open, and a fourth hnychut etc. So soon however the mother noticed a sign she is holding a newborn over a bathtub or a sink in a convenient position, and then immediately washes it under running h2o. To do this, put the newborn back to him under the knees and armpits (crumb is upright in a fetal position), pat him on a ass (it relaxes the sphincter of urinary and excretory systems), turn on a aqua and say "nuc-nuc," "and-and- a "and wait until the baby is discharged. Читать полностью -->

Baby leaving up to a year


Correctly as much however potential to happen in the street. If It is possible to spend a summer in the country, away with the city-beautiful!

Communicate however much so possible with the baby, even if you feel that there was small he understands. Talk about the size of everything perfectly on a topic! Ask him so many questions, and do not be fooled that a answer to them yet in a form. This is beneficial for language development child.

Care for a child under one year is a hard and challenging. But at a same time and it is natural as life itself! If we remember that the most chief of what a child demands at any age is the love, attention and note of his parents, so everything will be all right!

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What you want to extract the child


In anticipation of your child earlier a lot of parents matter what it is, and as much to buy. Following all, it would be consummate to get all a major progress, however soon how the hospital a attractive mother may not run to a shops in search of the right things. So, buying things for their unborn newborn, it is a more helf time. But, if for about reason It is possible to not or do not want to buy what you request to juice ourselves child, you should draw up a detailed guide for those who may buy it on a day of your discharge. Know that a 1st four months of the baby's your will speedily grow. Do not buy too a lot of things, or else you just have not time to use them, and the some thing is to first check for convenience and comfort for the mother and baby.

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What flush eyes newborn


In a family there is a baby - a joy and excitement at a same time. Currently this small lump depends entirely on you, your care and proper service. The return from the hospital accompanied by a start of development of a new science - the science of baby service.

One of a stages of newborn's weekly hygiene - ablution the eye. The 1st task of the mom - not infection. Why, do sure that your hand and clothes polish.

Daily ablution of eye do in the reasonable. Each time Check a chief condition of the eyes. Читать полностью -->

Newborn's 1-st cutting


In our country, it is assumed that a newborn's first haircut done in a year and is strictly for lyso. Where did this tradition, it is currently heavily to understand. Maybe in a old days, when required to comply with hygiene standards was difficult, and a baby yet could not himself for himself to serve, cut their babies at zero in ordering to facilitate care for them, and then come up with varied stories about the size of the alleged bad energy first hair.

Barbers do not recommend shaving a babies, however the thin hair follicles are weak and may be damaged. If a hair preventing baby good do a neat cutting or just trim the bangs and a thin hair on a ears, you prevent most babies.

Grandmother say that if a baby is not in a year or trimming, a hair is soft and rare. But scientists possess proved that the density of a thin hair depends on a number of hair follicles, and the number laid genetics. With this it follows that so bullock, nor shear the thin hair on the thickness is not affected.

In addition to genetic factors, and a thickness of a thin hair growth affects baby hygiene, nutrition, proper leaving. Читать полностью -->

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