A baby's behavior in one year parents presents many surprises.


When a little man starts to walk (and it happens at the age of approximately a year), he begins to feel variant, realizes that he has much to, as he begins to explore the world with redoubled force. He tries to get to a most interesting, with his point of view, the place to get the most beautiful, already familiar to him favors. Parents should not stop him, you just wish to strive to protect a surrounding area, and the things that touch a little explorer is not recommended to be removed away. No require to limit it, give the newborn however much freedom!

Child's behavior in one year it is a desire for independence. Parents and adults around him today for him is not all-powerful all performing jinn, and friends and associates. Parents claim to remember that in this age of a newborn to imitate adults, so trying to join the company. Читать полностью -->

Creating a safe environment


The 1-st steps to become a joyous occasion for you and a child - you should secure environment. A rooms should be cleaned all a dangerous subjects. To do this, sit down to eye level and evaluate the baby, to which he may stumble, or what subject could overturn if to lean on him.

Wood door furniture must be comfortably fixed, however you do not open, if the kid pulls on them. Properly check the condition of a carpet or floor, to shape a correct position of a foot is desirable that a child began to walk barefoot. We may cultivate approximately of your favorite baby soft toys to keep his interest and make organic barriers, encouraging him to overcome them.

Baby clothes want be however free for a variety of movements, but not huge, however it is not confused in it.

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Giving a child a soother


Before a majority of the parents a need to buy baby pacifiers almost not worth it, you see the accessory however a issue of course. But this is not surprising, looking closer to the babies who are walking, you can immediately see how thoughtfully sucking a pacifiers every other kid. Parents in a wake of a stereotype, try to do everything potential to ensure that the baby used to the soothers. But 1st, many kids actively spit, refusing pacifiers. In this case, do not should to persist, encourage the baby to keep a dummy finger and as on. Results achieved in the end you can, but naturally raises a matter - whether to give a baby a soothers?

Experts strongly recommend giving infants a nipple during the establishment of breast-feeding. Читать полностью -->


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