Eating baby in 9 weeks is more versatile.


At this age, the child is much effective porridge - except millet. The grain from which to prepare porridge for a child, must long to boil the aqua. Munk and rice - 20 min, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a any hours. Alone following, when any semolina finally seethe, it is assorted with milk and how to boil again. When a porridge for your child is ready, it added cow butter - now it is not indispensable seethe thoroughly, baby is grown. And wipe the mess done a sieve may be alone 1 time.

The most effective are still buckwheat and corn.

At 9 months, the child's time to give a fish dishes. Читать полностью -->

What you should to extract a child


In anticipation of a newborn earlier many parents issue what it is, and as much to buy. Following all, it would be perfect to have all the major advance, as soon how the hospital a beautiful mum can not run to the shops in search of a rightly things. So, buying things for a unborn newborn, it is a more good time. But, if for approximately cause you can not or do not want to buy what you need to extract ourselves child, you should draw up a detailed guide for those who can buy it on the day of a discharge. Know that the first four months of a newborn's life will speedily grow. Do not buy too many things, or else you just have not time to apply them, and the some thing is to first check for convenience and comfort for a mum and child.

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Massotherapy for babies


Massotherapy should be done only in the ordering with the 1-st point to a ninth, swap space is undesirable, however you crash the ordering of inclusion of every system to the work of immunity. Why, to accomplish maximum capacity, follow a procedure. The first week of massotherapy points on the own, and then you can append to this kid, initially put on a baby's point hands and massotherapy the area together, so It is possible to only show the space, and a kid will repeat the movement for you (at this time you are showing crumbs exercises himself).

If a massage space gives the newborn discomfort, a lower a force of impact. Sore points means that the bodies to which they correspond, there is a issue, because It is possible to not stop a massotherapy, on the contrary, you help to restore a protective properties of the body. These problem areas can and should be massaged often, until your sensitivity drops to rule. For example, pain 1st point indicate a question with blood circulation, inflammation of the trachea and bronchi, pain 2nd point indicates lower immunity. Читать полностью -->

Newborn attention up to a year


Properly however much as possible to happen in a street. If you can spend the summer in a country, away from a city-fine!

Communicate so much so possible with a child, even if you feel that there was small he understands. Talk about everything perfectly on any topic! Ask him as a lot of questions, and do not be fooled that the answer to them already in any shape. This is beneficial for language evolution child.

Care for a child under one year is a gravely and challenging. But at the like time and it is organic so life itself! If we remember that the most basic of what a newborn wants at a age is a love, care and efforts of his parents, then everything will be all rightly!

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Eating newborn in 9 weeks


Closer to the year of his life baby is able to chew their own items of meal. Feeding a newborn at 9 weeks are of reasonable proportions 'tween natural milk, pureed fresh food and food that the newborn receives in the configuration of highly little items.

At this phase of life a newborn breast milk must be no more than a 3-rd of a total food. All in all, a newborn of 9 months need eat around 1, 200 meals a day may. Juices, kompotiki and water do not count.

Certainly ready puree and cereal can be purchased at specialty children's stores, but it will be valuable to prepare them yourself.

At 9 months, a newborn should give purees of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Fresh cabbage, squash, beets, turnips, fresh apples, pears, peas, carrots, various types of cabbage are converted into puree and combine well with chopped onions, parsley and dill. If a crumbs do not like any vegetables, then you can give them at least twice and yet seethe h2o replacement.

At this age a baby already has a some teeth, however it may cope with small items of food. Читать полностью -->

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