Child Child - additional required procedures


Haircut nails - with the growth of their baby's nails demand to trim it. This is normally enough to do once a 7 days. Nail clippers good buy particular children's scissors.

Confection crust on a scalp or dandruff - in children is that a crust is formed on the head, a dark-brown of his worry causing itching. Chocolate-brown on the head or the must to remove dandruff.

So to remove a crust with a baby's head. 2-3 hours earlier bathing child grease thick head sunflower butter or mineral butter. After bathing, It is possible to schesat lovely comb this crust or dandruff.

Bathing a newborn

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Baby care up to a year


Rightly however much however potential to happen in a street. If you can spend a summer in the country, away with a city-nice!

Communicate how much as potential with the child, even if you feel that there was little he understands. Talk around everything perfectly on a topic! Ask him however many questions, and do not be fooled that a answer to them yet in the form. This is beneficial for language evolution newborn.

Care about a child under one year is a hard and challenging. But at a same time and it is organic as life itself! If we remember that the most general of what a child wants at any age is a love, care and note of his parents, then everything will be all right!

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Massage, physical jerks for infants 10 weeks - A set of exercises


1. Exercises begin with crossing hands on a well-known schemes. It is possible to then immediately do the activity "box", having invested in the handle of the baby rings. Exercises you can do is not just lying down and sitting, and standing. At the present time easy to handle newborn massage.

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As many scat month old child


All young mothers prone to feelings that the child has something to happen, however a slightest change in a newborn's behavior is cause for panic. Most moms worry questions whether enough newborn natural milk, if he is not hot or coldness, how much cocoa 30 days-old newborn and stuff like that. Main problem with a chair of the baby is very acute for every mother, because he has the ability to be constantly changing. That kid pooping up to 10 times a day, that does not go to the toilet for a any days.

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Child child and walk


Walk for a newborn however a much helpful and do not demand to limit its airing rooms. Walk with him permanently. This will help him strengthen his aging body, walks will protect a newborn from disease rickets. The like kids who walk daily have sick less often, enjoy a helf appetite. Children who are not able to walk may be taken out for sleeping.

Start walking with a child may be 2-weeks of age. Gradually with 15 - 20 minutes, so gradually increasing the walk to 1.5-3 chasov.V warmer weeks however potential to walk with a baby even though a time, with breaks for feeding.

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