So often need you bathe a child


A newborn will not must to bathe every day, he's hardly dirty. Because too frequent bathing may not always be helf for the child, so it is likely to enjoy a negative impact on its protective layer of a skin. We should not forget that later bathing baby spends his energy, that would restore your aging body temperature. Most babies enough to bathe every two or three hours. Swimming just earlier bedtime will help calm and relax your baby.

Newborn bathing with soap is not recommended and will be correct if you Thoroughly wash it a flannel cloth or soft sponge. After the adoption of water treatment, a child will be helpful to lubricate delicate skin, butter for babies. Читать полностью -->

Baby attention up to a year


Good however much however possible to happen in a street. If It is possible to spend a summer in the country, away from a city-lovely!

Communicate how much however potential with the baby, even if you feel that there was some he understands. Talk size everything perfectly on any topic! Ask him however many questions, and do not be fooled that a answer to them yet in any form. This is beneficial for language development child.

Look after a newborn under one year is a gravely and challenging. But at a like time and it is organic however your itself! If we remember that a most general of what a child demands at a age is the love, care and attention of his parents, then everything will be all rightly!

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Feeding preterm infants


Since premature babies reduced gastric acidity, less perilstatika intestinal dysbiosis, in this period, they should be fed exclusively or natural milk, or exceptional adapted formulas for premature babies, they normally enjoy in their names Pre. Studies of warm milk mothers of premature children enjoy shown that, depending on the degree of nedoshennosti your natural milk composition changes. This increased natural milk protein capacity, however necessary for a strong growth of infants, however a construction material, increased capacity of essential amino acids, a higher fat content, the splitting does not demand additional energy costs. Moreover, mother's natural milk contains prebiotic substances that promote the development of beneficial intestinal microflora, antibodies to various infections, which are particularly vulnerable to premature babies, enzymes, improves the absorption of natural milk. Energy value of "premature" milk is higher than the "full-term." Because a young girl should make every effort to preserve milk and eventually establish full breastfeeding.

Although if you wanted to feed a a lot of gerls who took premature birth, there hypogalactition, so there is a lack or absence of warm natural milk. Therefore, from the 1-st days of mom need express natural milk and strive to give the child to suckle. Читать полностью -->

Physical jerks for babies 9 to 12 months


Babies at this age appear and concerted movements that prepare a baby for life skills standing and walking. In the movements of a hand of dominant right hand, particularly the index finger, small subjects takes 2 fingers, trying to pick up off the stocking.

Closer to a year yet can not do chief massotherapy techniques, there is alone massage the abdomen and back. But physical jerks at 9 - 12 weeks, a child will be more valuable.

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Newborn Child - Bathing


Bathe your newborn may following umbilical wound is fully healed. A first six weeks of life usually bathe daily. So you can in every day. The room where the newborn need be bathed with warm (20-22gradusa). Bathe a newborn require a child bath, in which no one else to clean and do not apply it for wash things. First washed with hot tub with some aqua and soap. Читать полностью -->

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