As to disaccustom a child with pacifiers


When babies cry for help comes comforter and savior - Dummy. Of course, if the mum has established lactation, a child does not require a soothers, but if the newborn is bottle-fed, it can not be avoided. For children under 6 months of sucking reflex is extremely great, and if you do not meet it, then the baby may begin to suck her finger, and it will lead to the formation of abnormal jaw apparatus and teeth.

Of the 6 months of suckling gradually fades, however psychologists and pediatricians recommend gradually wean the baby with a soother at 7-11 weeks. Following a year of a baby is beginning to experience a nipple other emotions, it becomes a friend to him, and the more you delay the time of weaning, the more painful it will be. Infants following 2 years are start to talk to a pacifiers, playing with her. But in this age dummy is becoming dangerous, the child may go bad bite, many children do not speak and do not pronounce a letter because of a constant nipple in his mouth.

To disaccustom a child with pacifiers, pay more attention to a baby, play with him. Читать полностью -->

Feeding preterm children


Since premature babies shrinking gastric acidity, less perilstatika intestinal dysbiosis, in this period, they want be fed exclusively or natural milk, or exceptional adapted formulas for premature babies, you normally enjoy in their names Pre. Studies of warm milk mothers of premature babies get shown that, depending on the degree of nedoshennosti their milk composition changes. This increased natural milk protein content, however indispensable for the strong growth of infants, however a progress material, increased capacity of essential amino acids, a higher fat content, the splitting does not need additional energy costs. Moreover, mum's milk contains prebiotic substances that promote the evolution of beneficial intestinal microflora, antibodies to varied infections, which are particularly vulnerable to premature babies, enzymes, improves the absorption of milk. Energy value of "premature" natural milk is higher than a "full-term." Because a girl 18 years old want make every effort to preserve natural milk and eventually establish full breastfeeding.

Although if they wanted to nourish a many women who took premature birth, there hypogalactition, then there is a lack or absence of natural milk. Why, from the 1-st times of mom must express natural milk and try to give the child to suckle. Читать полностью -->

A child's behavior in one year - one year old newborn Life


How, a newborn has grown up and he is yet a year old. Now, however you say, pediatricians, have nothing to fear, passed a most difficult period in my life and a newborn and parents. This is true, but alone on a part of doctors, postpartum crisis has passed, my mother's aging body is recovered, and a child stronger.

Oh, however long all were waiting for our newborn starts to walk! Perhaps all parents Think about that with a advent of this miracle you will have rid of many problems, of course, because you have not to wear a child in her arms, endlessly running around a room to satisfy his every whim.

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Preparing for a new child dill aqua


Most babies suffer bloating or "colic", which are caused by bloating, because a digestive system is adapted to eat baby food from outside. It has long been known that a most effective and safe remedy for relief of baby dill aqua is. This aqua can be purchased at pharmacies in finished shape. It may also be called fennel aqua (or Plantex) however fennel - is pharmacy dill. Dill water can be prepared for the child and yourself.

Cooking dill water for a child - the process is not hard and not expensive. To do this, take the fennel seeds (1 teaspoon), which can also be purchased in retail networks, and 100 milliliters of water. Читать полностью -->

Newborn baby and walk


Walk for a newborn so a more beneficial and do not need to limit its airing apartment. Walk with him part of a carefully. This will help him strengthen his body, walks will protect the newborn with disease rickets. The like kids who walk special have sick less often, get a good appetite. Babies who are not able to walk may be taken out for sleeping.

Start walking with a newborn can be 2-week of age. Gradually from 15 - 20 min, so gradually increasing the walk to 1.5-3 chasov.V warmer months how potential to walk with a baby even though the day, with breaks for feeding.

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