Physical jerks for babies 9 to 12 months


Babies at this age appear and concerted movements that prepare a baby for life skills standing and walking. In the movements of a hand of dominant right hand, particularly the index finger, small subjects takes 2 fingers, trying to pick up off the stocking.

Closer to a year yet can not do chief massotherapy techniques, there is alone massage the abdomen and back. But physical jerks at 9 - 12 weeks, a child will be more valuable.

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Child Baby


On proper attention of the newborn depends on the health and comfortably-being of the baby. Of course it is not easy every time to observe proper look after a child. But to produce such a responsibility is necessary. Even if at the beginning will get at all, do not worry... Be sure to get in next time. But that a indispensable hygiene and newborn mode helps avoid unnecessary illness, especially in a 1-st year of your. Читать полностью -->

Newborn baby and walk


Walk for a newborn so a more beneficial and do not need to limit its airing apartment. Walk with him part of a carefully. This will help him strengthen his body, walks will protect the newborn with disease rickets. The like kids who walk special have sick less often, get a good appetite. Babies who are not able to walk may be taken out for sleeping.

Start walking with a newborn can be 2-week of age. Gradually from 15 - 20 min, so gradually increasing the walk to 1.5-3 chasov.V warmer months how potential to walk with a baby even though the day, with breaks for feeding.

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Thin hair newborn


Parents who get not experienced this earlier, can not know if this is rule, however often raised panic. And they do it for nothing. Because a thin hair on the body of a child - it's completely ordinary. In utero at about 90-100 times term baby's body is covered with thick hair, which is called the embryonic thin hair. It takes around a 30 days and a wool goes from the body and replaced with a newborn small, tender, golden and almost invisible hairs child. However, often there are exceptions, and this hair is preserved. Читать полностью -->

To look after a child will need these items:


Sterile bandage


Newborn Powder or oil specifically for lubrication of the face folds (come boiled grow. Boiled oil in a jar)


Babies soap,


Watter spoonful,

H2o thermometer,

Clean scallops,


Rubber bulb,

Thermometer to measure a temperature of the body,

Rubber hot aqua bottle.

These items cover the neat diaper and put on a shelf or in a designated area.

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Bath time:


An important consideration is a time it will be held in a water. Not necessarily to bathe a baby in the evening. At minutes, this leads to overstimulation newborn and poor sleep. Why, you can swim in a right and afternoon. A time spent in a h2o, depending on the newborn. However soon as he tired, he will indignant cry. Читать полностью -->

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