Shoes for infants 1 year


Substance for babies's shoes must strive to choose alone organic. In skin. Substitutes and oilcloth leg will steam and sweat. Best option - it is skin, see that it was soft, not coarse, not to do newborn grated and pressed in the shoe. The face absorbs moisture, breathable and keep warm, with time it adapts to a shape of your feet and the owner remembers it. For this cause it is best not to continue wearing someone else's shoes, no issue how goodness and "almost new" it was not.

Much convenient and eco-friendly material to infants's shoes - is textiles (cotton fabric, linen, denim). Читать полностью -->

What flush eyes newborn


In a family there is a baby - a joy and excitement at a same time. Currently this small lump depends entirely on you, your care and proper service. The return from the hospital accompanied by a start of development of a new science - the science of baby service.

One of a stages of newborn's weekly hygiene - ablution the eye. The 1st task of the mom - not infection. Why, do sure that your hand and clothes polish.

Daily ablution of eye do in the reasonable. Each time Check a chief condition of the eyes. Читать полностью -->

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